Who are our clients?

Since being established in 2002, Peoplemax has worked with over 250 client organizations, a few of which are displayed at the bottom of this page.  Our clients are primarily large and medium-sized organisations and span most major industry groups and sectors, including:

  • Construction

  • Telecommunication

  • Consumer Goods

  • Engineering

  • Financial Services

  • Government

  • Information Technology

  • Marketing

  • Manufacturing

  • NGOs

  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

  • Professional Services

  • Legal & Accounting Firms

  • Resources

  • Universities

  • Utilities


At Peoplemax, a large number of our client relationships have existed for many years.  We enjoy building trust and developing lasting partnerships with our clients so that we can understand their businesses, strategy, culture and values.  

We work at all levels of the organisation including boards, executives, directors, managers, partners as well as individuals with specific technical or specialist skills.  Peoplemax is also pleased to provide pro-bono services to a number of NGOs and individuals as a way of contributing back to our community.