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Peoplemax's flagship service.

We have coached several thousand leaders from 600 organisations over the past 20 years and our brand is synonymous with in-depth, tailored executive coaching that leads to significant and sustainable personal and professional growth. 

Common coaching topics include:

➡️ Maximising your impacting and executive presence

➡️ Building an autonomous, high-performing team

➡️ Making your career fit-for-purpose for your life

➡️ Mastering difficult conversations

➡️ Building an engaged, resilient workforce

➡️ Planning a successful transition to retirement

➡️ Mastering change leadership

We have the largest number of ICF Master-certified coaches in the region, representing the highest level of accreditation globally. And over the past few decades we've had the privilege of coaching the very best leaders in the world — from CEOs of Top FTSE100 and ASX-listed companies and their teams, to ex-British Prime Ministers.

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Our Stakeholder Feedback Process.

In the realm of executive coaching, conventional methods typically start with surface-level written feedback or off-the-shelf psychometrics. These approaches often miss the mark not delving deep enough to uncover the intricate insights essential for high-level executive development.

The issue is further exacerbated when coaching goals are set in advance, overlooking a vital element in your development process – your own sense of ownership.

At Peoplemax, we don’t just offer coaching; we facilitate transformative executive growth by addressing the heart of each challenge. Our aim is to ensure you experience unmatched progress and success.


What makes our approach so unique?


Feedback is collected between your 1st and 2nd coaching sessions, not at the beginning. This allows for a strong trust base between you and your coach before the feedback element is commenced.

Stakeholder Selection: You, with guidance from your coach, select 8-10 stakeholders who offer varied and insightful viewpoints.

Customised Questions: Together with your coach, you develop specific questions, making sure the feedback is perfectly suited to your unique needs.

A crucial step. Your coach will have 20-30 minute conversations with each stakeholder, extracting far more profound insights than written feedback ever could.

Stakeholder feedback is recorded word-for-word, significantly minimising bias, and then loosely grouped by themes for easy comprehension.

Psychological Safety: Initially, the Feedback Report is shared only with you to preserve trust.

Business Oversight: Your coach will then encourage you to share the Feedback Report with your Line Manager and/or HR sponsor, fostering additional support.

Chief Financial OfficerFinancial Services

"I feel my life has changed since my coaching. I have been on "auto-pilot" for many years. Now I feel that I am living again. To the extent that I want to be really in charge of my life and make conscious decisions."

Chief People OfficerMedical Research Organisation

"[I have developed] a changed approach to engaging with a complex leader; more reflection on the things that are working well and that my team is finding value in; changed approach to deep diving for more information on things so that questions are received as
curious and not negative; and much more"

Head of DepartmentPrivate Primary School

"Coaching has given me insights I was not able to attain previously. Outcomes have included looking at my leadership approach/style to see if it is helping me to be the leader I want to be. Approaching professional conversations with
better preparation and reflection. Seeing how my leadership impacts my team. Reflecting on growth areas for the future. SO many amazing outcomes and how I am as a leader have come from my coaching sessions."

Academic DirectorInternational College

"[Coaching has helped me achieve] greater self reflection and insights on how others see me, and how I see others. It has provided me with tools to use to help develop my staff as well in their leadership roles. I have developed better life/work balance skills and learned to maintain them."



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