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Peoplemax is peerless in Australia and NZ when it comes to Team Effectiveness.

No other boutique provider has used team-focused interventions to significantly improve the overall success and market performance of as many major global organistions as us.

We believe that there is no such thing as a high-performing team. Rather, there are teams that fit their purpose, and those that do not. We apply a relentless focus on designing team programs that align with the organisation’s strategic intent.

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How it works.

Peoplemax's approach to building high-performing teams is a structured, highly customised process aimed at improving both the effectiveness and cohesion of teams within an organisation. It's tailored to align closely with the specific needs, challenges, and strategic goals of each team.

Diagnostic & Foundation Building (3)-1
Diagnostic & Foundation Building (4)
Diagnostic & Foundation Building (5)
Diagnostic & Foundation Building (6)

Unique Methodology.

Offsite Methodolgy

Case Study: Transforming a Top FTSE100 Company Through Strategic Executive Coaching and Team Effectiveness

Phase 1

Diagnostic & Foundation Building

With a global workforce of 65,000, this organisation faced the challenge of integrating a newly acquired company, twice its original size. The merger created significant cultural misalignment within the organisation

Integrating Group Executive: After the acquisition, the top‘9 executives were from different organisations and company cultures. Our mission was to transform this diverse group into a cohesive, high-performing team, committed to a unified company culture.

Developing Top 150 Leaders: The challenge here was to standardise and enhance the leadership skills of the top 150 leaders, coming from various legacy organisations, to reinforce the initiatives started with the executive team.


Phase 2


Group Executive Program: Over two years, we engaged the Group Executive Team in intensive 2-day offsites and personalised 6-12 month coaching sessions. This approach fostered unique team mindsets and behaviours, enabling them to develop and embrace a new company vision and culture.

Top 150 Program: In a four-year span, we deployed a mix of executive coaching and team effectiveness programs across the company. The focus was on aligning the new vision and culture with each leader's personal motivations, and equipping them to replicate these changes throughout the organisation.

Phase 3

Continuous Improvement & Transformation

Within just 12 months, these strategic interventions led to a remarkable 17% increase in profitability in the company’s largest business unit, a testament to the successful integration and cultural transformation of the organisation.



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