Thales Executive Coaching Program: Final Review and Feedback

This review consists of 4 sections:
Section 1: Your Information
Section 2: Your own assessment of achievements against key goals which were set at commencement of the coaching (please insert your goals from your original goal sheet)
Section 3: The benefits you gained from the coaching program
Section 4: Feedback for Peoplemax and your coach. 

A copy of this review will be sent to you, Thales University & your executive sponsor unless otherwise agreed.

Name: *
Please select the ways in which you have benefited from your coaching sessions:
Research shows that organisations which provide their people with coaching benefit in a number of ways. Please mark the areas in which you believe your influence has increased as a result of your coaching sessions:
Please rate your coach on each of the following areas:
Please rate your coach on each of the following areas:
Listening - Generously and With Empathy
Focusing on Your Goals / Agenda
Assisting You to Think Critically About Your Learning
Accurately Establishing your Key Issues
Identifying Patterns and Themes in Your Experience
Challenging Your Assumptions
Exploring Options For Your Development
Providing Feedback Appropriately
Respecting Your Viewpoint When Different to Hers / His
Accepting and Acknowledging Any Feelings You Expressed
Accurately Summarising and/or Reflecting What You Have Said
Sharing Ideas and Knowledge
Holding You Responsible for Taking Actions